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Yes, our approach is unique. The standard approach to educational gaming is to slap something primitive together as cheaply and quickly as possible and then spend a fortune marketing it like crazy to unsuspecting parents and schools. When I asked the heads of one of the world's top educational companies why they don't make high quality product they replied, "Are you kidding? Kids are so bored in school that they're grateful for whatever we give them."


Well, we basically do the opposite. Rather than spend as little as possible to cover as much as possible, we spend a fortune on an extremely focused subject. By doing this we're able to absolutely knock it out of the park. 


We have several keys to our approach to curing core educational needs. First, if you make a game entertaining enough, kids will find a way to play it. In practice, that means that we keep pushing the gameplay and technology in our games until we get to the level of "Real" video games.


Second, we absolutely have to make the game spectacularly effective, with built-in assement, so that children always walk away with total mastery. That means finding the very best pedagogy in the world, and then improving on it by capitalizing on the limitless possibilities that artificial intelligence and virtual worlds can offer.